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5 reasons why you should start shopping on Collectr

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Our aim from the beginning was believing shoppers deserved to purchase products that are 100% genuine and authentic.

We found the need to create an ecosystem where brands, influencers and shoppers could coexist to make everyone’s lives easier.

There are 20 million mobile users in Malaysia today with an e-commerce penetration of 62%. And all these numbers are expected to rise exponentially in the coming years.

It’s estimated by 2040, 95% of purchases will all be made online.

Simply speaking, our app is designed for your shopping convenience. You can discover, shop, purchase, rate and review without exiting the application.

That being said, this is why you should contemplate on shopping with Collectr:

1. We’re big on authenticity.

All items on Collectr are obtained directly from the brands.

This way, you’ll know all items bought are genuine and authentic. Yeah, we know what you might be thinking - original products cost a bomb. But hear us out, there’s a reason for it being priced the way it is.

You get value for your money because they are durable and last longer. Instead of buying a cloned shoe for 50 bucks and needing to replace it every now and then, buy an original one for 200 bucks and it lasts for say, 5 years straight.

2. Collectr’s sustainable strategy

44% of Malaysians would pay extra for their online purchases to be delivered the next day.

Which is fine, because everyone expects convenience from brands today. We too, exist to make life easier but we know these express deliveries can be done in a greener way.

The greenest shoppers are digitally-savvy; they opt for eco-friendly packaging, coordinate shopping trips with other errands and they understand that what and where they buy is as important as how they buy it.

Thus, our green delivery option was born to tackle this issue. As a shopper, you’ll be presented with a few delivery options at checkout and we hope you’ll do your part in reducing your carbon footprint.

3. We’re people-centric

We envision a customer service that goes beyond solving a shopper’s problem; we want to build relationships and forge an emotional connection with you at the same time.

As standards continue to dip, an exceptional customer service is the most important base of a business. A brand exists because of you and what you perceive of a brand can make or break it.

After all, the reason why Collectr stands out from the herd is because we want to give you an authentic experience, not just while shopping but also a positive customer experience. We want you to hang up the phone and feel comforted knowing your problem was solved and in the midst of it, made a new friend.

4. Your favourite influencers are here

Want to shop for the products your favourite influencers (herein called “nudgers”) are using?

Yep, you heard that right.

Our nudgers will be sharing and posting the products and brands they love with you. And we have more good news – if you’ve been wanting to become an influencer for the longest of time, here’s your chance! Sign up as a nudger on Collectr and you could be the next big thing!

5. Directly from the source

Choose from a wide range of your favourite established or emerging brands while shopping on our platform.

Through this, you are guaranteed to have a 100% genuine item straight from the brand, without the interference of unauthorized middlemen.

In fact, 55% of shoppers say they want to shop directly from a brand manufacturer, as a 2017 Global Brand Shopper Survey found.

Choose to use the Collectr app today to make your life hassle-free.

Come on over and discover more about our shopper program here.

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