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Best Brands for Raya Accessories

Updated: May 25, 2020

An outfit isn't complete without the perfect bag, jewelry, shoes, or watch and needless to say, a Raya outfit calls for something extra special! It doesn't have to be flashy or super expensive to make a statement. Besides, the best thing about these accessories is that you can get loads of uses out of them in your everyday OOTD too!


Image credit: www.facebook.com/frankitasbagsandclutches

Frankitas is a brand that combines traditional art, textiles while sustainably supporting weavers from Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, India, and Central Asia. This translates to modern takes on textiles like in their Putri.S bags (see image above) which adds a splash of statement colour to any outfit. The interesting bag strap also adds some texture to your overall ensemble too!

Browse their bags, accessories, and home decor on their website, and follow their Facebook and Instagram for updates and style ideas.


Image credit: myjnofficial.com

MYJN is a local brand that provides demi-fine, versatile and timeless jewellery, perfect for anyone looking for everyday pieces! With prices that are very affordable, this contemporary jewellery brand has understated designs that aren't too flashy yet completes every look with a touch of class. This Raya, treat yourself to a pair of their hoop earrings or even rings which can be worn in tandem or on their own.

Check out their website to see their collections and follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

House of Socks

Image credit: www.myhouseofsocks.com

Sure, shoes are an important part of your overall outfit but what about your socks? During Raya, if you're going to a small gathering to celebrate the festivities, why not make a statement when you take your shoes off? Jazz up your Raya outfit with a pair of brightly coloured socks in a zany print and afterward, wear them to work to add some colour to your office too!

See their colourful collections on their website and get inspired on their Instagram.

Tawaf Timepieces

Image credit: www.facebook.com/tawaftimepieces

Whether you're celebrating Raya or heading to a board meeting, an elegant timepiece would complete any bare wrist. Stylish yet functional, watches from Tawaf Timepieces are perfect for any on-the-go person who doesn't want to keep checking their phone for the time.

Buy their timepieces on Lazada and follow them on Facebook for further updates.


Image credit: www.kulet.co

Slip on some comfy sandals this Raya from Kulet that goes with any outfit, whether you're in baju kurung or jeans! Kulet's offerings are made from animal-friendly leather and made in Malaysia. Their designs are simple, stylish and most importantly, comfortable which make them great everyday shoes to run your errands while looking super put together!

Shop their shoes on their website, follow their Facebook and Instagram for more updates!


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