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Best Homeware for This Hari Raya

It's almost Raya and what better excuse than this to spruce up your home? Will you be rushing out and buying a bunch of flat-packed furniture? Or perhaps thinking green and buying homeware that's both supporting local industries while beautifying your home for the festival season? Here're our top picks!

Favory Home & Living

Image credit: www.facebook.com/FavoryHome

If you'd love to deck your home out in natural hues and rustic teak wood, Favory Home & Living should be your first stop. Their showroom is airy and the items are artfully displayed which could give you more ideas on how to furnish your home! Choose from items like serving boards and plates to wall decorations or if you're unsure, ask the friendly shop owner who will be happy to help! If you do require a carrier bag, they use 'I am not Plastic' cassava bags which are bio-compostable, wherein 120 days, it'll decompose itself and can be used as fertiliser!

Their shop gallery is open during this period. For further information, contact them at 017-848 8232 and www.facebook.com/FavoryHome.


Image credit: www.facebook.com/frankitasbagsandclutches

A subtle way to freshen up your home is by changing up the points of focus for every room in your home. An interesting way of doing this is by changing up your cushion covers, rugs and even hanging wall art! On top of gorgeous bags and accessories, Frankitas offers colourful statement pieces for the sofa you might think is a little too plain, wonderfully vibrant wall decorations that'll surely brighten up any room and beautiful rugs that would jazz up any room and also add a layer of cosiness.

Check out their website (www.frankitas.com) for more home decorations, their Facebook page (www.facebook.com/frankitasbagsandclutches) and Instagram (www.instagram.com/frankitas) for style ideas.

Dorothy Scents

Image credit: www.dorothyscents.co

Scenting your home is just as important as decorating it. Pleasing your senses such as sight with interior decor and smell with a signature home fragrance would add an extra layer of cosiness to your abode. Combine these two and you'll get candles from Dorothy Scents which smell just as good as they look! Imagine this candle as a centrepiece on a shelf or prominently on display on your coffee table. How chic!

Shop for their beautiful candles on their website (www.dorothyscents.co) and follow them on Facebook for more updates (www.facebook.com/dorothyscent).


Image credit: www.thirty3eleven.com/gallery

If you're a minimalist at heart, then Thirty3eleven's ceramic pieces surely deserve a place in your home. With items spanning tableware, cups, serving plates and more, the simple lines and interesting shapes would put a unique spin on how you choose to decorate your home or serve your guests.

Check out their website (www.thirty3eleven.com) for more information like shop openings and browse their beautifully curated gallery.

Harith Green Carpenter (HGC)

Image credit: www.facebook.com/harithgreencarpenter

The man behind HGC is Harith Ridzuan, a designer-maker from Kuala Lumpur. He heads his family’s 27-year-old furniture-making business as a second-generation woodworker and is also the founder of The Green Factory, KL’s greenest wood manufacturing facility. This is the place to look for simple and sustainable items to furnish your home with. There are bed frames, tables, cabinets, side tables, and more which are all made with simple, modern lines and of course, sustainable practices.

Find his beautifully made furniture at his website (www.harithgreencarpenter.com) and Facebook page (www.facebook.com/harithgreencarpenter).


Image credit: www.dapoware.com

The best way to remain sustainable is to support local makers and manufacturers. Making your home beautiful while remaining sustainable isn’t difficult if you know where to find them. The warmth of timber makes any home even cosier, brings the tropical feeling and instantly makes plated food look fancy too! Did you know that Dapo is Malaysia’s first PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification)-certified homeware brand? It offers a range of homeware and accessories sourced from Malaysia’s ethical tropical timbers!

Shop their range on their website www.dapoware.com, follow their Facebook (www.facebook.com/dapoware) for updates and for home décor inspiration, check out their Instagram (www.instagram.com/dapoware).


Image credit: www.facebook.com/noktafurniture

Another Malaysian made brand that offers furnishings perfect for any modern home is Nokta. Making modern contemporary furniture that’s all the rage now, their practices are what caught our attention. The furniture is made with sustainable timber which refers to timber that’s been harvested responsibly. This means that when one tree is cut down to be used, another is being planted to replace it. Products that they offer include shelving, sofas, armchairs, media consoles and the list goes on!

Find their retailers at www.noktafurniture.com/retailers and follow them on Facebook (www.facebook.com/noktafurniture) and Instagram (www.instagram.com/noktafurniture) for their latest updates and interior design inspiration.


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