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Brands: 3 reasons why you should sell on Collectr

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a large or small-scale business owner or perhaps just starting, we want to help you grow.

As consumers today are becoming more conscious of their shopping habits, brands will need to follow suit. While different generations’ online shopping needs differ, these are the few things they have in common:

  • Baby Boomers want convenience.

  • Generation X won’t purchase a product before doing thorough research.

  • Millennials want an integrated shopping experience where they can shop from any device.

  • Generation Z value quality; from authentic products to reviews and everything in between.

Introducing Collectr, a shopping platform that helps you with all the above needs:

1. You'll get free marketing from Collectr’s nudgers.

Part of Collectr’s charm is the relationship social media influencers (herein called ‘nudgers’) have with their followers. 

Once you onboard your items and products on the Collectr app, our nudgers will purchase what they like and promote it to their followers. The nudgers will also promote what they have bought in the most creative way possible on their blogs, social media pages, and personal websites.

2. Consumers can be guaranteed to get a 100% authentic product directly from you.

Without the involvement of unauthorized middlemen, retailers, and distributors, consumers can be assured the products and items they received are 100% authentic and genuine. 

Authenticity is more important than ever and we want your customers to shop for products with confidence online. Plus, your customers will be able to see all reviews and recommendations from the nudgers, purchase an item and check out all without leaving the app!

3. Go green with us.

Green Push is Collectr’s initiative to offset the negative impacts shopping has on the environment.

Consumers are becoming more environmentally aware; there's a rise in advocating for sustainability and activism on plastic packaging and zero-waste. 

By being part of Collectr, all your deliveries will be:

  • via electric vehicles to reduce our CO2 emissions.

  • without packaging to reduce waste or

  • in eco-friendly packaging.

If you have a business wanting to gain more traction, go green or you're just curious about us and want to know more, drop us an email at hello@collectr.tech.

Alternatively, check out what Green Push is all about.

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