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Collectr going green- Reusable Bags

Updated: Jan 3, 2020


My name’s Lace. You know, like the fabric name. I'm Collectr's digital marketer.

I've got reusable shopping bags in my car and backpack for the longest time, but I've never got around to remembering to take it when I shop. In line with Collectr's Green Push, I make it a point to practice what I preach on our social media pages.

I make it a habit to remind myself to bring my reusable shopping bags whenever I shop. OK, I've forgotten to bring it on some occasions so I had to carry my groceries in both hands because I was adamant I wouldn't use a single-use plastic bag.

My colleagues have also resorted to bringing their reusable shopping bags whenever we take a quick trip to the nearby convenience store. Now, this is what I call a start.

There are around 32 million Malaysians today. Imagine if each of us stopped using a single-use plastic bag for one day, there's 32 million of it lesser in the landfills and oceans.

Changing our views toward single-use plastic won't happen overnight, but we can stop and tweak our behaviors toward this matter.

Remember, small changes will lead to huge ones.

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