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How Collectr is solving your online shopping dilemmas

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

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Everything you need in one place, any time and anywhere you need it, without even having to leave your seat — that's online shopping for you. 

According to SmartInsights, the top 2 reasons why people shop online are motivated by:

Convenience (24/7 shopping, wherever you are); and

  1. Prices (easy comparison and online sales)

  2. But with the convenience comes complications:

Questionable product quality

When you buy something online instead of from brick-and-mortar stores, you assume the risk of not getting *exactly* the item you see online. You’ve read stories about shoppers getting duped.  Just as anyone can shop online, so can anyone sell.

The chances of getting fake products online are just as great as the chances you’re going to be stuck in a traffic jam during morning rush hour.

Our solution: Before onboarding a brand to sell on Collectr, we conduct extensive and thorough screening to make sure that all the products they list are 100% authentic.

Packages take too long to arrive

Sometimes, it takes so long for your packages to arrive that when they actually do, you don’t even know if you want them anymore. For many, this is a turn-off, especially when you need that particular dress for an event TOMORROW NIGHT.

Our solution: You can opt for Collectr’s premium Flash Delivery to make sure you receive the items you order on our platform within the hour.

We source our products locally and we have an elaborate network of Runners, Riders and Drivers that can reach you anywhere you are. On top of that, you can easily find out on our app where your packages are in the delivery process.

Limited payment options

Malaysians are spoiled with multiple payment choices today, from cash on delivery to bank transfers and various digital payment solutions like CelcomPay and GrabPay. However, many businesses — even as they conduct business online — either can’t or won’t jump on that bandwagon quick enough, making it inconvenient for customers to shop.

Our solution: When you shop with Collectr, you can choose from a variety of payment options we offer for a seamless shopping experience.

Want to buy more but do not have enough money right there and then? You can subscribe to our payment plans. Problem solved!

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