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Influencer: 3 reasons why you should become a Nudger with Collectr

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What is a Nudger?

It's a term we coined to replace the commonly used word of influencer.

We want to be different and also because, with Collectr, almost anyone can be a Nudger. You don't need to have a lot of followers to become one, you just need to start somewhere by using products from a certain brand, and leaving an honest review for buyers to rely on to make a purchase.

Here are 3 reasons why you should become a Nudger with Collectr:

1. Earn while you shop

Yes, we have made your shopping much more interesting and beneficial.

Do it full time, part-time or as and when you like at your own phase and time. With every product you buy, take a photo and post it in our app, tag the product and write an honest review about it.

The more people buy from you, the more commission you make.

2. Talk about what you love

Being a Nudger on Collectr gives you a chance to speak up and share about the products you love the most.

If you promote well enough, some brands might just give you more discounts on products you like or even get sponsored. All we want is for you to be honest about what you say based on trying out products that you purchase so you can help our buyers make a better decision.

3. Authenticity 

At Collectr, we believe in 100% authenticity.

As some of you already know, buying fake products contribute to terrorism, health issues, and losing our trust in brands. Therefore we want to make a change where ever we can.

We want to encourage people to buy products they can trust and that has value to it. When you share your feedback and thoughts with buyers, you only speak on original products and none of those fake ones. This makes you a more valuable Nudger. 

Excited to become a Nudger now?

Click here to join.

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