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Why You Should Become a Nudger With Collectr

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

What is a Nudger?

It's a term we coined to replace the commonly used word: Influencer

Collectr aims to stand out from the rest and this means that on our platform, anyone can be a Nudger! Whether macro or micro, all that matters is that you care about your content and want a transparent way of earning commissions.

Here's why you should become a Nudger with Collectr:

Earn while you shop

Shopping while earning on the side? Sounds like it's too good to be true!

For every product, you buy, post a picture of it on the Collectr app, and tag the brands. The app will then show you how much commission you stand to earn if someone purchases the product via your post. The more people buy from you, the more commission you make.

Your feed can also act like a lookbook for your favourite OOTDs which is killing two birds with one stone - posting your looks while earning a commission on the side.

Be incentivized

But wait, why not earn more?

We will incentivize an Elite Nudger who puts in a good word to a brand. When the brand signs to sell with Collectr, you'll be rewarded heftily.

What's that? Oh, the reward? Talk to us and you'll find out.

Talk about what you love

Being a Nudger on Collectr gives you the chance to speak up and share about the products you love the most.

If you're passionate about beauty and/or skincare, fitness, or footwear, by all means, do share with your followers on your favourite products or items. Best if the products are available on the Collectr app, then you can tag them and earn a commission for your effort in creating that post!


At Collectr, we believe in 100% authenticity.

Some of us may find it hard to shop online as we don't know whether what we're buying is legit or not. In addition to the products' validity, buying fake products could impact our health, the environment, and also, the brand's trustworthiness.

All the products sold on the Collectr app are 100% authentic and we can say that because we deal directly with the brands. This prevents any fakes from entering the supply chain and also provides jobs for the brands' warehouses that are employing locals. With this, the shopper is guaranteed an authentic and premium shopping experience!

Excited to become a Nudger?

Click here to join.


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