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Influencer: Your ultimate guide to product photography

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As an influencer or a nudger, you should already know that visuals play a huge role on social media.

Followers want to see fun and real images, especially in you are helping a brand to promote their product. Your followers would surely want to the honest results and images of the product.

Even better if you can provide them with multiple images of that one product from a different angle and probably a zoom in shot so they can see the material of the product or have a closer look at the product and how it works.

Brands are often judged based on the quality of its visual presentation. That means having high-quality, beautiful product photography can go a long way and also gain followers trust in your product review and promoting them.

Since not everyone can afford a professional photographer, here are some steps and guidance to help you with your own DIY photography session using the right tools and techniques.

Things you will need:

1 - Phone camera, DSLR camera or a digital camera (either one will work just fine).

2 - Tripod or phone stand.

3 - Beautiful background (something that would let the item stand out) or mini portable photography studio.

4 - Good lighting or natural sunlight.

5 - Table or flat surface

Steps for your photography session:

1 - Prepare items and the right backdrop you are going to use.

2 - Set up your table or a surface that you will be using for this session.

3 - Set up your background or mini portable photo studio.

4 - Set up your camera or phone camera and stand.

5 - Set up your items in the middle of the background or in the middle of the mini portable photo studio, if you got one.

6 - Make sure to have the room lit up properly, with proper lighting or natural sunlight.

7 - Take a few pictures and evaluate, then choose the perfect one.

8 - Get your pictures retouched to make it look good.

There are even many great apps you can download on your mobile to touch up your final images before uploading them. Make sure to not share fake images, this is a big NO NO!!!

This will only make you lose out on followers.

High-quality product images really play a role in attracting and convincing followers. You need to understand that your followers are not able to touch and feel the product that you are trying to promote to them, so how can you deliver images that allow them to get close enough to see the product quality, material and etc. Keep that in mind!

I hope this will help get you better product images for your social sharing and product reviews. Good luck! Bonus tip: Ever wondered why everyone takes photos of their products on a marble counter? Check this out.


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