• Susan Lau

RMCO: What Now?

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

So the RMCO has been announced... what next?

The first thing we'd love to do is have a catch-up session with our nearest and dearest. Zoom and Facetime did what it could but it can't beat the warmth of being in the company of someone you care about. Whether it's over brunch, dinner or ais kacang, connecting with our friends and family feels like it couldn't come faster!

Interstate travel is now allowed but of course, SOPs need to be followed. This would surely be great news for those who have been separated from their families since the MCO started back in March.

Cuti-cuti Malaysia is something we're considering once the rates of infections are even lower. With the blows that local tourism has sustained due to numerous cancellations, we want to support the local economy. Visiting other states, having their yummy food, staying at a local Airbnb or homestay and buying fresh produce from a roadside stall are all little ways we can help.

The MCO gave us clearer skies as a lot of industries ground to a halt. With jumpstarting the economy, factories will start up again and there'll be more cars on the road. Do your part and lessen your carbon footprint by shopping local, taking public transport (while maintaining social distance) and using less single-use plastic.

Although the country is in recovery mode and we're allowed certain liberties, please do follow all SOPs mandated by the government. Most importantly, always have a mask and sanitiser handy, and wash your hands often!

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