• Susan Lau

The New Normal Part 1: Transport

Now that 70 plus percent of the workforce is back to work this RMCO, have you changed the way you travel?

For those who normally use public transport, have you been extra cautious? Some may be avoiding public transport especially the trains or buses because of social distancing and the higher chance of coming in contact with a contaminated surface.

More people are driving their personal vehicles when before, they wouldn't think twice about taking a GrabCar to avoid paying for parking, driving during peak hours, or just driving in general.

Have you also noticed that there are more disinfecting services at car washes now? It sounds like an ingenious way to keep car wash businesses as relevant as possible while also busting some of our worries.

Airlines are now allowed to operate domestically but how many people are flying? There was news where airlines were charging very high prices for domestic flight tickets because flights weren't operating at full capacity.

So what's your #newnormal these days when it comes to transportation?

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