• Susan Lau

The New Normal Part 2: The Office

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Workplaces worldwide have had to make changes with imposed lockdowns where a majority of the workforce worked from home. And now that RMCO has been announced, a lot of us are slowly transitioning back to the office.

There are now a few SOPs that every office worker has to adhere to when entering the office workspace.

Some offices are implementing staggered attendance where only a certain number of staff are allowed to enter the office during certain days. Masks are also mandatory and the staff must wear them at their desks. Some workplaces have implemented a "one person in the pantry at all times" rule or staff are not allowed to eat together above a certain number, subject to social distancing regulations.

An additional step is the daily sanitisation of workstations, light switches, and so on. Door handles, handrails and other high traffic surfaces would be sanitised a few times a day as well.

We're sure that now more than ever, anytime someone comes down with a cold or has symptoms, they'd stay at home instead of in the past where they'd show up to work anyway.

What's some other SOPs your workplace has implemented to keep you safe? Have you gotten used to this #newnormal?

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