• Susan Lau

The New Normal Part 3: Socialising

One of the things that have changed during Covid-19 is socialising and we all have to get with the program and practice social distancing. For some, this may be torturous as humans are social beings and thrive on interaction with others.

With the RMCO announced, restaurants, cafes, and bars have opened for dine-in which may come as a relief for the social butterflies. Catching up can now happen in person without the need for Zoom or Google Meet. However, of course, we all must adhere to certain SOPs set out by the establishments.

Depending on the cafe, restaurant, or bar, you will either have to fill in your details such as name, contact number, body temperature and time of visit or scan a QR code and check-in via MySejahtera, an application managing the Covid-19 outbreak by the Malaysian government.

Although it sounds great, there are a few hitches such as social distancing measures and a limit on how many people can be inside a restaurant at one time. Groups are now spread out over a few tables which may put a damper on any conversation. Be that as it may, precautions need to be taken to keep everyone safe!

Has this hindered you from going out or have you been embracing this #newnormal?

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