Social Responsibility

Collectr understands that success requires not just continued innovation, but building socially-conscious future generations who contribute towards the improvement of our community and its practices. Our efforts are aligned with a variety of causes that include supporting local organisations, environmental conservation, humanitarian aid, and company diversity. 

Support Local

Collectr provides equal market opportunities for brands with both established and limited resources. Our service helps increase visibility and reverse the stigma around the quality of homegrown brands. By sourcing all our products locally from physical stores, we are boosting the sales for these stores, and in effect, the local economy.

Green Push

Packaging and transportation are the biggest contributors to waste and carbon emissions in both traditional and online shopping. At Collectr, we’ve taken on the responsibility to address these negative impacts and provide sustainable solutions through our Green Push initiative.

Charity Work

Collectr is a believer in giving back to the community. Nonprofits and charities are constantly looking for funding to help accomplish their goals, which is why we pledge to contribute 2 percent of our annual profits to local and international NGOs that champion environmental, women’s rights, and refugee education causes.


Change requires a collaborative effort and a sharing of resources. We are always on the lookout to partner with local organisations whose values align with ours. At present, we are actively working with Eclimo and Treelektrik, suppliers of zero-emission delivery vehicles.


The Collectr workspace is powered by staff members of various identities, lifestyles, and social backgrounds. We welcome people with individual characteristics and abilities because we understand the importance of inclusivity and the value of different experiences that contribute to different cognitive approaches towards problem-solving.

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